Assemble Container House

Assemble container house shows the advantage in installation process without any machines such as forklift and crane.The container house can be installed by band and bolts.All the materials are separated in the factory and assembled in the local site.The size of the container house is customized.You can design as your requirement.the best choice for the container office.

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Flat Pack Container House

The flat pack container house is a kind of prefab ,which consist of high quality galvanized steel structure system and sandwich panel which can be insulated with eps, rockwool,glasswooL.,mainly used as temporary building. Each container unit standard size is 20ft , flat pack container house using is very freely, you can use it separately and also can combined them together to be a bigger house, and can stack them up to 3 or 4 floors. The roof and floor have been finished well before shipment, so just need to put them together and then fill with the panels are ok.

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Folding Container House

Foldable container house is a kind of new prefab house that is different from the traditional products, Modular part is 90% work finish in factory , simple tools such as spanner, bolt driver and so on needed ;easy and fast to install; flexible design, many plan options for 1 bedroom with toilet, 2 bedroom unit, container kitchen, container toilet, container office and multifunction layer is available.

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Expandable Container House

Expandable container house is the newest container house now,it doesn’t need any tools when you install also no more than 5 mins for installation.we have two designs for expandable container house, the first one is empty design,it can be dormitory,wedding room or homes.another design is two bedrooms with one batheroom,the sanitary ware has been installed indside the house when you open, also the partition wall.

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Easy installing, Vfast will offer a professional technical support.

Please install the container house according to our instruction. 

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