Assemble Container House

Assemble Container VT-C003

Assemble Container VT-C003

Assemble Container VT-C003

  • Easy installing, this container can be installed within 2 hours.

  • The container house can be installed by band and bolts,without any machines such as forklift and crane.

  • Assemble container is widely used for container office, container hotel, container holiday home, container dormitory, container meeting room and so on.

  • The electrical system has been configured with the lights, sockets, wire and leakage switch.

  • Assemble container is very flexiable and strong enough, which support many units to combine together.

  • Installation procedure of the upgraded version containers are easy and reduces the on-site labor requirement.

  • Assemble container are modular with the use of steel structural frame and thermal resistant material.

  • All the materials are separated in the factory and assembled in the local site.

  • The size of the container house is customized based on your design and requirement.

Technical Analysis

Easy installing, Vfast will offer a professional technical support.

Please install the container house according to our instruction. 

 Container Assembly

Assemble Container advantages

Assemble Container Production


Item Flat Pack Container VT-C003
External Size 5950 x 3000 x 2800mm(X*W*H) 
Inner Size 5750 x 2800 x 2500mm(X*W*H) 
Frame Galvanized steel
Roof glass wool with tiles
Wall fire proof 50mm rock wool sandwich panels
Floor 18mm Mgo board
Windows 2pcs windows( steel window)
Door 1pc steel security door (with 3pcs keys)
Warranty 1 Year
Application Hotel, House, Kiosk,Booth, Office, Sentry Box,Guard House, Shop, Toilet, Villa, Warehouse, Workshop,Plant

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